Barista Training

Looking for a job around the world.

Well then let’s get you trained by Dublin’s finest baristas.

You will be trained by Lloyd our co-founder and head trainer in the company Lloyd trained overseas in Canada to become one of Dublin’s favourite baristas.

Lloyd will take you from start to finish and teach you everything you need to know to become an amazing barista and get a job around the world serving the best Flatty’s known to man.

The course is structured to take you from A-Z in a very simple to follow format which will consist of customer service, the till system to the grinders and the coffee machine, you will learn all key skills such as coffee tasting, shots, espresso, milk , the pour and everything else in between. You will be fully ready to work as a barista after this course. You will also get key work experience for 4 days including in the course package.

So why no go and book today and learn to make a flatty with the Boyz

Get a Job in the industry!

This course was built to get you hired around the world as a barista this is a 5-day course with one full day of training and 4 days of work experience in our top coffee shop in Dublin. Deal with customers, take orders, make coffees, and enjoy your new craft that you have learned this course will consist of the following.

1 Day course and training – €149

5 Day advanced training and experience – €439

– understanding your eqipment is key

– Espresso techniques

– Understanding the espresso grinder

– Learn the ways of the Americano ..

– Milk texturing techniques (learn the ways of the flatty)

– Intro to latte art designs

– Drinks menu in detail – Latte, Cappuccino, and all the fun favorites

_ Understanding cafe workflow – customer services, till systems etc

– Machine cleaning

Certificat upon completion

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